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Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service in NYC

Our technicians are experienced and trained to handle any sewer or drain emergency problem providing you with an experience that will encourage you to return.
We are the original company that started the low-price trend. Don't be fooled by imitators.

Drain Clogs

Backed up drains? Manhattan Sewer & Drain provides affordable drain and sewer services in Manhattan, NY. Call Us Today!

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Manhattan sewer drain vehicle

Sewer Clogs

Sewer stoppages are very common due to multiple reasons. Waste water, soap deposits, and tree roots are all common causes of sewer clogs.

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Other Services

Sinks and sewers aren't the only places that leaks and clogs can occur. For a full list of services we offer visit our Services page.

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Why Us?

  • Low Cost
  • Reliable Service
  • Upfront Prices
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • 24 / 7
  • Uniformed Technicians
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price in NYC

Helpful Tips

  • Don't Litter
  • Use less chemicals
  • Dispose of grease properly
  • Do NOT use drain-unclog chemicals
  • Use periodic drain and sewage treatments like "snaking"
  • Have an expert check the pipes
  • Do NOT dispose of chalk or thickening material in house drains

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