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Manhattan Sewer & Drain is available 24/7 to assist you with your sewer, drain cleaning needs, and emergency plumbing services in Manhattan NY. The better way is to call the emergency plumber in Manhattan, NY to get out of the situation. Once you can get the 24 hours plumbers services in the city, they will reach the spot immediately and handle the pipe burst situation and stop running water soon. Our professional plumbers use the best inspections systems, such as:


Buildup of grease in your sewer and drain lines can cause back-ups. When this occurs, electrical cleaning alone may not remove the grease and muck from the lines. In this situation a high pressure water jet may be required to cut through the grease. A water jet releases water at the rate of 3000 psi (variable) and scrapes the grease off the walls of the pipes and pushes the muck out to the city sewer. Using the water jet on sewer and drain lines clogged with muck and grease can ensure you that you will not have a blockage due to grease or muck stoppage for a long time.
wooden chair cleaning with high pressure water jet


Sewer lines usually last for years before they need any maintenance, but once you have root growth in your sewer line, you should know it is time to regularly maintain the sewer line. Sewer lines are probably the most ignored expense. People usually wait until it is too late. Many people even have to change their sewer lines because the roots end up breaking their sewer lines. Our mechanics usually recommend a camera inspection if they feel there is a problem with the sewer line, but many homeowners call us to inspect their sewer lines before they purchase their new home. We have saved many customers thousands of dollars by pinpointing the problem with their sewer system.


The Electric EEL works similarly to a regular sewer cleaning machine, but an Electric EEL is far more powerful and can go through stoppages that conventional machines do not go through. Electric EEL machines spin at a RPM that is almost double than that of a conventional sewer cleaning machines. The higher RPM and thicker cable makes it easier for the Electric EEL to peel through anything that comes in its way. The Electric EEL is usually 10 feet in length and more pieces are attached as required by the length of the sewer line. Electric EEL is used on extra long sewer lines. Residential customers hardly ever need an Electric EEL.



Pipe locator is an excellent device that can pinpoint the location of a pipe. It is mainly used to locate house traps and pipes that run under the ground. The house trap is important to locate because in the event of a sewer back up, the house trap is where the problem is usually solved. Pipe locators are also used to determine the depth of a sewer pipe. Almost always we can locate the house trap and other pipes without using any type of fancy device, but occasionally we need to use the pipe locator.


1065 Sewer Cleaning machine is used to unclog stoppages in main sewer lines that are up to 250 feet long. Very rarely we run into situations where the sewer line is longer than 80 feet. The further away a clog is, the harder it is to unclog it. Most of the sewer lines longer than 80 feet have cleanouts in different places throughout the length of the sewer line. The cleanouts provide closer access to the clog. 1065 Sewer Cleaning Machine is probably the best machine made for unclogging larger sewer lines. It can be used on residential and commercial locations. This machine can easily be called a “beast” when it comes to chopping down overgrown tree roots and unclogging tough blockages.
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